What People Are Saying about Soulmate Template

“I watched your videos, and I have to say it is the most right on stuff. You are beyond amazing understanding how stupid it is starting with the communication when the relationship breakdown goes much deeper.”


“Thank you very much for your videos which are helpful and makes a lot of sense. I am applying the techniques as fast as I can! It has enabled me to see things in a more positive light. I certainly think that your information will also be invaluable for younger people and it has made me appreciate the emotional closeness we still have when we are not arguing!”


“Just the first video was incredibly powerful for me. You're really good at giving precise recommendations! I've been practicing what you suggested and also practicing the techniques. The combo of strategies has caused a remarkable shift in us. I can’t thank you enough.”


“I love your videos.  I'm taking baby steps and seeing results.  My husband is too overwhelmed with work at the moment to watch the videos but I've been applying your steps (he's not even aware that I am) and it's changed our interactions, which has been great.  I was thinking about cueing up your videos to certain spots and have him watch those parts that I think will have the most powerful impact for him.  The thing that you said that I keep thinking about over and over is that you can leave your current relationship but you'll just bring those same problems to the next one.  You need to resolve your issues or come to terms with certain things in order to move on.  I'm actually also applying your advice with my interactions with my mom with whom I've had a strained relationship and I see results there too.  So, thank you.”


“Things are starting to change.  [My husband] keeps saying something is not right.  He can't figure me out.  I said if you want to know what is changing, watch the soulmate videos.  This is amazing! I know I have a way to go, but I am feeling more confident in myself every day and have so many encouraging words for my whole family.  Thank you!!”

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