3 Proven Ways to Put the Sex Back in Your Marriage

I know plenty of couples who just have sex without intimacy. I also know couples who have neither sex nor intimacy. I don’t know any couples who are intimate without sexual activity, however. Why? Because when you take care of intimacy, physical sexual contact follows. It’s true. Now every couple is different in terms of what sexuality means to them, and I can give you plenty of tips on how to spice up your sex life. Maybe in the next blog entry. But let me tell you why intimacy is the magic bullet to having a phenomenal sex life in your marriage.

Intimacy is about love. Intimacy is about connection. Intimacy is where soulmates live. When you are truly intimate with your spouse, you feel connected and loved. You feel safe and understood. You feel warm and fuzzy and you want to be close. Hence, physical intimacy is often attached.

So how do you increase your intimacy to improve your sex life? Here are 3 proven steps to get this accomplished..

1. Show your spouse your love. This is tricky. Do you know how your spouse wants to be loved? That’s the trick. You might feel loved through receiving roses and candy while your spouse may feel loved when you vacuum the carpets and take some things off the To-Do list. Check out The 5 Love Languages to discover more about the different kinds of love. It’s worth the read if your scratching your head right now wondering what your spouse might need. Or better yet…ask your spouse directly, “I want to show you that I love you more often. How can I do that so you know how important you are to me?” Just asking in this way is an amazingly loving act.

2. Be committed and faithful. Always put your spouse first. Before work. Before friends. Before kids. Before anything. You and your spouse are a team. Everyone else comes second. Tackle everything together side by side. And of course, don’t cheat. This is where boundaries come in. When you start hanging out with that fun and cute office worker and talking about your marriage problems, you’ve already crossed the line into infidelity. Anytime you do or say anything, ask yourself if your spouse would approve if he or she saw you on video. If you behave in this way all the time, your marriage will feel secure, and intimacy will grow between you.

3. Be open and honest about sex. If there is something that is interrupting your sexual connection, talk about it with one another. Low libido could be caused by medications, medical issues or breastfeeding. You might be disinterested in sex because of low self-esteem due to body image issues. Often, the cause is resentment. More often than not, it’s resentment. Yes indeed, sex suffers deeply because one or both spouses are harboring resentment towards the other for one issue or another. The resentments could be as simple as feeling like there are imbalances in household chores or as complex as emotional abuse that goes unchecked. If you’re sex life has dwindled over the past few years, be honest with one another and yourself. Are you resentful? Talk about it, and work it through. Your sex life will thank you.

So remember, intimacy is not just sex, but when you work on your intimacy, physical sexual contact naturally follows because a bond is formed. Intimacy is about being close to one another and being affectionate. To be intimate is to deeply understand one another like no one else can. That’s powerful stuff. This will take time, dedication, and sacrifice, but it’s worth it, and it’s the only way to a truly sustainable and amazing sex life in your marriage.

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