How to Make Your Marriage Better this Year

In the new year, we habitually make resolutions. And we habitually fail before the year is over. This is usually because our resolutions are too unrealistic or too difficult to tackle all at one time. When it comes to resolutions about our marriages, we fail because of those two things as well…and one more very important thing. The resolution isn’t clear. It’s not concrete enough to tackle so we can never really achieve it.

You might know that you want your marriage to get better, but you may not know how to accomplish it. Therefore, you make a resolution like, “This year, I am going to be more loving towards my spouse.” Sure, that’s a lovely thought and goal to have, but it’s not achievable. What’s more loving mean to you? What does it mean to your spouse? How will you show it? What will it look like in your behaviors day to day?

If you can answer those questions, you’re on your way to a better resolution – a goal you can actually achieve because it’s tangible. So reword your resolution. Your goals may sound something like these:

“This year, I will compliment my spouse daily.”
“This year, I will send flowers to my spouse once a month.”
“This year, I will hug and kiss my spouse every day.”

See how different those are than “This year, I will be more loving.”? There are things for you to DO rather than trying to meet a goal that is too vague. The ultimate end you will achieve is being more loving through the behaviors you change.

So what resolution will you make for your marriage this year? Is it attainable?

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