How Money Problems Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Money problems tearing your marriage apart? Or do you just wish it could get better? Either way, financial woes are one of the most common problems in a marriage and one of the top reasons for divorce. No couple ever vows, “Till money do us part,” but it happens quite often. Want to get out of the money tug of war and actually learn how tackling money problems can bring your relationship closer together? Here’s how…

Sure, talking about money with your spouse can be intimidating, but it can also be fulfilling, intimate, and enjoyable. Who knew, right? But think about it…when you talk about money, you share things with one another that you don’t share with anyone else. Ever wonder why your spouse is so free spending and terrible at budgeting? Maybe there’s a story behind it. What can you learn from your spouse if you asked? That’s the stuff I’m talking about. If you never have these money conversations about values and attitudes about finances, you lose out on some really intimate information. So give it a try. Talk about your attitudes about money and where they came from. You’ll probably learn something new about your partner, and if you allow, it just might bring you closer together.

My husband and I learned a lot about one another through money conversations. I learned a lot about his childhood and why he was so “free” with spending – he grew up with parents who did not want to spend a cent on luxuries so when he grew up and was able to make his own decisions about spending, he didn’t cut corners when he spent. If he wanted something, he bought it. If it was expensive, it didn’t matter. We became closer just through talking about our backgrounds and attitudes about money when we started these financial-attitude conversations. In fact , we would get sidetracked just talking about our childhoods and laughing together while putting together a budget. Who knew money talks could be so much fun? But really, if not for money conversations, would we ever have learned these things? I don’t know.

How you respond to one another about money conversations can bring you closer together or pull you farther apart. You make that choice. Just know that good discussions about money in a marriage will benefit your marriage to a greater degree than avoiding the money conversations. No matter what your budget is, you’ll have to deal with money matters. HOW you talk about money in your marriage is the difference between a strong marriage or a struggling one.

Your financial situation will always change, and it will always demand attention in your marriage. You can choose to give money matters attention in a way that STRENGTHENS your relationship. It’s how you handle challenges together that determines how strong your marriage will become. So give it a try!

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