The ONE Reason Your Marriage is Insecure

There isn’t anything worse than being married to someone you think might leave you. It’s scary, and it creates a lot of insecurity. Everyone wants to feel safe in their relationship, but it’s often the exception rather than the rule. How sad! Shouldn’t we feel like we are with someone who is truly committed to us when we get married…no matter what? Yes, yes we should…but that isn’t often the case.

Why not?


Yep, many of us feel like our spouse’s connection to us is conditional (you might do this too so don’t take yourself out of this assessment just yet). Think about it…people put all sorts of conditions on their commitments to one another.

“I’ll be committed to you as long as you keep financially providing.”

“I’ll be committed to you as long as our sex life is good.”

“I’ll be committed to you as long as we don’t fight too much.”

Get the gist? Sure a partner may not say those things outright, but the conditions are there nonetheless. And these marriages are drastically insecure because we can’t be certain that we’ll always meet those conditions.

Do you feel secure in your relationship? Are there conditions to keep your marriage in place? Is your spouse imposing conditions? Or are you? Maybe it’s both of you.

I’ll tell you, your marriage will never be secure unless conditions are dropped on both ends. No matter what, you should feel like your spouse will be there with you. Until death do us part, right? Wasn’t that the agreement?

Soulmates feel secure in their marriages because they have formed a bond that creates security day to day. How? There are no conditions.

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