Are you with the wrong person?

Many struggling couples often wonder if they married the right person. They think, “If my relationship is so difficult with my spouse, maybe we aren’t meant for each other. Maybe I married the wrong person.”

Trust me, more couples than not have had these thoughts cross their minds when their relationships have taken a dive. But here’s the thing…it’s not about who you’re with but how you do the work together. Sure there are special circumstances – addiction, abuse, etc. – but other than extreme situations, if your mate is a fairly good person, you’re probably meant to be together.

If you fell in love with your spouse and had that connection in the beginning, don’t worry so much that it’s faded. That’s just mother nature doing what mother nature does. After two years or less, the infatuation stage leaves all of us, and we are left on our own. The problem is that we don’t always know what to do to keep the love going, and so it gets hard, and we wonder, “Are we really meant to be together if it’s this hard?”

Well, let me tell you that it takes work to be healthy in your body – you have to eat well and exercise, and marriage is no exception. You have to commit to a discipline and to one another. You also have to create that long-lasting love because it’s no longer done for you. You’ll never fall in love again with your partner, but you can build the love. It’ll take time and effort, but anything worth having takes work. Your marriage requires that same attention.

So tell me what you will do today to work on building love. Comment below.

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