How to Create Your Soulmate in 2 Steps

A soulmate is someone who changes you for the better. You become a better human being just for being with them. And the one person who should fit that role is your spouse. After all, isn’t that who you spend most of your life with? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

But what if your spouse is more of a stalemate than a soulmate? Is it possible to transform that? Absolutely! Many people think that your soulmate is somewhere out there, that you’ll meet and it’ll just “be.” Well that’s wrong! You create your soulmate. It takes dedication and work. Are you up for the challenge?

1. So let me tell you this, step one to turning your spouse into your soulmate is connecting…but probably not in the way you think. It’s not about trying to be more compatible or learning how to communicate in order to get along better. Sure, those things are helpful, but the end result will only be a surface connection. You have to connect at your cores, and that means you have to BUILD love. Being compatible is great for friends and colleagues, but it’s not enough for your marriage. Simply put, compatibility doesn’t lead to phenomenal love, and you have to create phenomenal love to become soulmates.

2. In order to build a soulmate kind of love, you also have to dedicate yourselves to do the work. This means you will dedicate yourselves to one another on a core level, and remember that it has to be deeper than having common interests or shared responsibilities. This won’t just “happen” magically. It’s a step by step approach you have to take.

Mother nature can’t help you out here because she let you go two years after you fell in love. You know, that infatuation you felt at first? That was biological, but it faded. It fades for all of us. This is why it’s our responsibility to pick it up from there. We have to build love with our partners after that.

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