Create a Fulfilling Marriage in One Step

One of the most challenging things about being in a relationship is being honest. Think about it. How often are you really honest about what’s going on with you when you talk with your spouse? Do you plainly state the truth or do you skirt around the issue in hopes of making things easier?

When you’re spouse asks to be intimate, do you say you have a headache or do you give the real reason you’re not interested? Chances are, you probably do the first because it’s easier and it keeps the peace…kind of.

When we don’t directly say what we want or how we feel about something, we cheat ourselves and our partner. Sure, the day may go by a bit smoother, but at what cost in your relationship overall? What if you told your partner, “I haven’t been in the mood for sex because I’ve been feeling really resentful lately. I’m not placing blame, but I am resentful.

” WOW! Now that would probably start an argument or a really tough discussion.

But think about it…if you had this kind of honesty on both sides – raw yet respectful – how would your relationship change? What if you put it all out there in the moment? Day to day, week to week, whenever appropriate.

I’ll tell you this, it will be really difficult and uncomfortable at first, but it would force you and your partner to confront what’s really going on in your relationship day to day, week to week, year to year. And that’s the way we deeply connect and solve our problems.

If you could have the most amazing marriage but you had to be uncomfortable in honesty and accepting feedback to get it, would you do it? What if it fixed everything – better sex, better connection, better parenting, and on and on and on…

I’ll tell you this. There’s a really productive way to do all this – honest, respectful, and yes…enjoyable. It’s a process that’s strategic and proven time after time. Find out more here if you want to radically improve your relationship.