Marriage Trouble? There's a Reason Why Everything You've Been Doing Isn't Working.

I'll Teach You What Does. It's called the ABC Sequence.

I want my marriage to be amazing!

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  • Find out how to fall in love again
  • Learn the secrets to put romance and sex back into your relationship
  • Get the formula to stop fighting and start solving problems as a team
  • Make positive changes in your relationship even if your partner has given up
  • Find out how to fix your specific relationship issues no matter how complicated
  • Learn the formula to becoming Soulmates

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    I don't just teach these techniques. I use them myself.


    There's a strategic method to building a lasting relationship and fixing a struggling one, and you'll learn the process with me. You will get 3 content-packed 30 minute videos straight to your inbox along with pdf downloads that give you step by step directions for every strategy I teach you. You'll learn how to stop arguing (video 1), start connecting (video 2), and how to fall in love again (video 3). Don't worry if your spouse won't watch it with you. These techniques allow you to make changes in your relationship on your own.


    And I don't just help other couples, I use these strategies in my marriage. The ABC Sequence works because this is something totally different. I won't send you a bunch of stuff you don't need. You'll get the webinar series, and you'll only relevant information to help you continue to improve your marriage. If it's not your cup of tea, it's super easy to unsubscribe.

    "You Don't Have to Keep Hurting."

    - Dr. Kat Peoples, Relationship Expert, Wife, and Mother